Cocoon 3.0 ALPHA - Reference Documentation


Reinhard Pötz (Indoqa Software Design und Beratung GmbH)

Apache Cocoon 3.0 ALPHA

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1. Introduction
1.1. Why Cocoon 3 - Motivation
1.2. Relationship to previous versions
1.3. Requirements
2. Pipelines
2.1. What is a pipeline?
2.1.1. Linear pipelines
2.1.2. Pipelines by example
2.2. Pipeline implementations
2.3. Embedding a pipeline
2.4. SAX components
2.4.1. Available components
2.4.2. Writing custom components SAX generator SAX transformer SAX serializer
2.5. StAX components
2.5.1. Available components
2.5.2. Writing custom components StAX generator StAX transformer StAX serializer
2.5.3. Using StAX and SAX components in the same pipeline Wrapping a SAX component in a StAX pipeline StAX-to-SAX pipeline
2.5.4. Java 1.5 support
2.6. Utilities
3. Sitemaps
3.1. What is a sitemap?
3.2. Sitemap evaluation?
3.3. Expression languages
3.4. Spring integration
3.5. Embedding a sitemap
4. Web applications
4.1. Usage scenarios
4.2. Servlet-Service framework integration
4.3. Sitemaps in an HTTP environement
4.4. System setup
4.5. Connecting pipeline fragments
4.6. RESTful web services
4.6.1. Sitemap based RESTful web services Introduction
4.6.2. JAX-RS based controllers (JSR311) Introduction Cocoon and JAX-RS by example
4.7. Caching and conditional GET requests
4.8. Authentication
4.9. Testing
4.10. Profiling support
4.10.1. Module configuration
4.10.2. Using Cocoon Profiling How can I enable/disable cocoon-profiling on the fly? I need cocoon-profiling to profile my custom cocoon component, how can I do that?
4.10.3. Using Firebug with Cocoon-profiling Customizing your Firebug Plugin
4.11. Monitoring support
4.11.1. Module configuration
4.11.2. Available parts Inspect logging settings and reconfigure them Inspect available Servlet-Services Overview of cache entries
4.12. Tutorial
5. Wicket Integration
5.1. Introduction
5.2. Integrate Cocoon into Wicket
5.2.1. Mount a Cocoon sitemap
5.2.2. Mount a Cocoon pipeline
5.2.3. CocoonSAXPipeline Wicket component
5.3. Integrate Wicket into Cocoon
5.3.1. Wicket reader