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WHATThe WildcardURIMatcher matches the request URI against a wildcard expression..
TYPEMatcher, Sitemap Component
SINCECocoon 2.0
CACHEABLEnot applicable

The WildcardURIMatcher matches a wildcard pattern against the requested URI.


The WildcardURIMatcher is used to apply the same sitemap processing to a group of requested URIs. A requested URI belongs to this group iff the requested URI is matched by the specified pattern.

The snippet below applies to all requested URIs matching the wildcard pattern page-*.html the same specified pipeline processing. The generator retrieves the xml document having extension .xml, and its basename evaluated from the requested URI path, stripped off the prefix page-.

Sitemap pipeline examples

The snippet below uses the WildcardURIMatcher for matching requested URIs of the form page-*.html.

    <map:match pattern="page-*.html">
      <!-- pipeline processing generator, transformer, serializing
      <map:generator src="xdocs/{1}.xml"/>
      <map:transformer src="stylesheet/document2html"/>
Sitemap component configuration example

The WildcardURIMatcher sitemap configuration consists of choosing a name, and specifying the src attribute of the fully qualified name of the WildcardURIMatcher class.

  <map:matcher name="template" 
    pool-max="32" pool-min="1" pool-grow="4"/>

The WildcardURIMatcher has no extra configuration as already mentioned above.


The WildcardURIMatcher gets its wildcard pattern from the pattern attribute.

Effect on Object Model and Sitemap Parameters

The WildcardURIMatcher accepts wildcard patterns. Wildcard patterns uses following matching algorithm

Pattern TokenComment
**Matches zero or more characters including the slash ('/') character
*Matches zero or more characters excluding the slash ('/') character
\ character The backslash character is used as escape sequence. Thus \* matches the character asterisk ('*'), and \\ matched the character backslash ('\').

The pattern '**' has higher precedence that two consecutive '*' patterns.

If matching succeeds WildcardURIMatcher returns a Map object. The entries of the map are the matched wildcard variable parts of the pattern. Accessing these matched values is accomplished by using sitemap parameter name of {N}. The N is ordinal number of matched variable part, starting with 0. The expression {0} represents the complete request URI, the expression {1} represents the first matched wildcard value, the expression {2} represents the second, etc.

In case of nested matchers, or actions the parent Map entries are referencable by using ../ prefix. Thus referencing the first wildcard matched value of a parent matcher in a child matcher it is expressed as {../1}.

In the snippet above xdocs/{1}.xml is expanded to xdocs/index.xml, if the requested URI was page-index.html.


If a request URI starts with slash ('/'), the slash character is stripped off.


12-28-02: initial creation


Copyright (C) 1999-2002 The Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.

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A general documentation about matchers is available at Matchers and Selectors.

Copyright © 1999-2002 The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.