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Packages that use DatabaseAction.Column
org.apache.cocoon.acting.modular modular These sitemap components use modules to obtain values and are thus very flexible in use. 

Uses of DatabaseAction.Column in org.apache.cocoon.acting.modular

Fields in org.apache.cocoon.acting.modular declared as DatabaseAction.Column
 DatabaseAction.Column[] DatabaseAction.CacheHelper.columns

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.acting.modular with parameters of type DatabaseAction.Column
protected  Object[] DatabaseAction.getColumnValue(Configuration tableConf, DatabaseAction.Column column, Map objectModel)
protected  int DatabaseAddAction.setKeyAuto(Configuration table, DatabaseAction.Column column, int currentIndex, int rowIndex, Connection conn, PreparedStatement statement, Map objectModel, String outputMode, Map results)
          Sets the key value on the prepared statement for an autoincrement type.
protected  void DatabaseAddAction.storeKeyValue(Configuration tableConf, DatabaseAction.Column key, int rowIndex, Connection conn, Statement statement, Map objectModel, String outputMode, Map results)
          Put key values into request attributes.

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