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Uses of User in org.apache.cocoon.auth

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.auth that implement User
 class StandardUser
          This object represents the current user.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.auth that return User
 User ApplicationUtil.getUser()
          Return the current user.
static User ApplicationUtil.getUser(Map objectModel)
          Return the current user.
 User SecurityHandler.login(Map context)
          Try to authenticate the user.
 User ApplicationManager.login(String appName, Map loginContext)
          Log the user in to the application.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.auth with parameters of type User
 boolean ApplicationUtil.isUserInRole(User user, String role)
          Checks if the user has the given role.
static boolean ApplicationUtil.isUserInRole(User user, String role, Map objectModel)
          Checks if the user has the given role.
 Object ApplicationStore.loadApplicationData(User user, Application app)
          Load data for the given user and application.
 void SecurityHandler.logout(Map context, User user)
          This notifies the security-handler that a user logs out.
 void ApplicationStore.saveApplicationData(User user, Application app, Object data)
          Save the data for the given user and application.
 void StandardApplication.userDidLogin(User user, Map context)
 void Application.userDidLogin(User user, Map context)
          Notify the application about a successful login of a user.
 void StandardApplication.userIsAccessing(User user)
 void Application.userIsAccessing(User user)
          Notify the application about a user using the application in the current request.
 void StandardApplication.userWillLogout(User user, Map context)
 void Application.userWillLogout(User user, Map context)
          Notify the application about a logout of a user.

Uses of User in org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl that implement User
static class PipelineSecurityHandler.PipelineSHUser
          The internal user class.
static class ServletSecurityHandler.ServletUser
          Inner class for the current user.

Fields in org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl declared as User
protected  User LoginInfo.user
          The corresponding user.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl that return User
protected  User ServletSecurityHandler.createUser(Request req)
          Create a new user.
 User LoginInfo.getUser()
          Return the corresponding user.
 User ServletSecurityHandler.login(Map loginContext)
 User PipelineSecurityHandler.login(Map loginContext)
 User AnonymousSecurityHandler.login(Map loginContext)
 User StandardApplicationManager.login(String appName, Map loginContext)

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl with parameters of type User
 void ServletSecurityHandler.logout(Map logoutContext, User user)
 void PipelineSecurityHandler.logout(Map logoutContext, User user)
 void AnonymousSecurityHandler.logout(Map context, User user)

Constructors in org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl with parameters of type User
LoginInfo(User aUser)
          Instantiate new info object.

Uses of User in org.apache.cocoon.auth.portal

Fields in org.apache.cocoon.auth.portal declared as User
protected  User UserInfoProviderImpl.PortalUserInfo.user
          The CAuth user object.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.auth.portal with parameters of type User
 void StandardPortalApplication.userDidLogin(User user, Map context)
 void StandardPortalApplication.userWillLogout(User user, Map context)

Constructors in org.apache.cocoon.auth.portal with parameters of type User
UserInfoProviderImpl.PortalUserInfo(String portalName, String layoutKey, User aUser)
          Create a new user info object.

Uses of User in

Classes in that implement User
 class PortalUser

Methods in that return User
 User DBSecurityHandler.login(Map loginContext)

Methods in with parameters of type User
 void DBSecurityHandler.logout(Map context, User user)

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