Package org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl

Class Summary
AbstractDoubleMapEventRegistry This abstract base implementation of EventRegistry stores the event-key mappings in a simple pair of MultiMaps.
CacheImpl This is the Cocoon cache.
DefaultEventRegistryImpl This implementation of EventRegistry handles persistence by serializing an EventRegistryDataWrapper to disk.
EventAwareCacheImpl This implementation holds all mappings between Events and PipelineCacheKeys in two MultiValueMaps to facilitate efficient lookup by either as Key.
EventRegistryDataWrapper A light object for persisting the state of an EventRegistry implementation based on two MultiHashMaps.
JMSEventMessageListener JMS listener will notify an EventAware component of external events.
StoreEventRegistryImpl This implementation of EventRegistry stores its EventRegistryDataWrapper in the default Store defined in cocoon.xconf.

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