Package org.apache.cocoon.components.cron

Interface Summary
ConfigurableCronJob This is a configurable cron job.
CronJob This is the interface a class has to implement to enable it to be scheduled by a JobScheduler
JobScheduler This component schedules jobs.
JobSchedulerEntry Interface for classes holding scheduled job entries.

Class Summary
CocoonPipelineCronJob A simple CronJob which calls an internal cocoon:// pipeline.
CocoonQuartzJobExecutor This component is resposible to launch a CronJobs in a Quart Scheduler.
CocoonQuartzJobScheduler QuartzJobScheduler that runs jobs within a Cocoon Environment.
DataSourceComponentConnectionProvider Quartz database connection provider that uses the Excalibur DataSourceComponent service.
QuartzDriverDelegate Wrapper around another DriverDelegate instance.
QuartzJobExecutor This component is resposible to launch a CronJobs in a Quart Scheduler.
QuartzJobScheduler This component can either schedule jobs or directly execute one.
QuartzJobSchedulerEntry Implementation of the JobSchedulerEntry interface for the QuartzJobScheduler
QuartzJobStoreCMT Overrides JobStoreCMT's getDelegate method.
QuartzJobStoreTX Overrides JobStoreTX's getDelegate method.
ServiceableCronJob Serviceable CronJob
TestCronJob A simple test CronJob which also calls a pipeline internally.

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