Package org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup

Interface Summary
MarkupCodeGenerator This interfaces defines the functionality of a source code generator
MarkupLanguage This interface defines a markup language whose SAX producer's instance are to be translated into an executable program capable or transforming the original document augmenting it with dynamic content

Class Summary
AbstractMarkupLanguage Base implementation of MarkupLanguage.
AbstractMarkupLanguage.LanguageDescriptor This class holds transient information about a target programming language.
CocoonMarkupLanguage Base implementation of MarkupLanguage.
Logicsheet A code-generation logicsheet.
LogicsheetCodeGenerator A logicsheet-based implementation of MarkupCodeGenerator
LogicsheetFilter This filter listen for source SAX events, and registers all declared namespaces into a Map object.
NamedLogicsheet An extension to Logicsheet that is associated with a namespace.

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