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org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input InputModules Introduction Input modules are generic components that let one map a key to one or more values. 

Uses of AbstractMetaModule in org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input

input-module Configuration and name of input module used for the selection.
Subclasses of AbstractMetaModule in org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input
 class ChainMetaModule
          This modules allows to "chain" several other modules.
 class CollectionMetaModule
          Constructs an array of values suitable for a JDBC collection type from parameters obtained from another input module.
 class DateMetaInputModule
          Parses a date string according to a given format and returns a date object.
 class DigestMetaModule
          Meta module that obtains values from other module and returns message digest of value.
 class JXPathMetaModule
          JXPathModule allows to access properties of any object in generic way.
 class MapMetaModule
          Meta module that obtains an Object from another module, assumes that this Object implements the java.util.Map interface, and gives access to the map contents.
 class SelectMetaInputModule
 class SimpleMappingMetaModule
          Meta module that obtains values from an other module and by replacing the requested attribute name with another name.
 class XMLMetaModule
          Meta module that obtains values from other module and returns all parameters as XML.

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