Package org.apache.cocoon.components.thread

Interface Summary
Queue Extension to add queue size reporting
RunnableManager The RunnableManager interface describes the functionality of an implementation running commands in the background.
ThreadFactory The ThreadFactory interface describes the responability of Factories creating Thread for ThreadPools of the RunnableManager
ThreadPool The ThreadPool interface gives access to methods needed to inspect and use of a pool of threads

Class Summary
BoundedQueue Efficient array-based bounded buffer class.
ChannelWrapper Wrapper around a Channel implementation for constructor convenience
DefaultRunnableManager The DefaultRunnableManager implements the RunnableManager interface and is responsible to create ThreadPools and run Runnables in them as background commands.
DefaultThreadFactory This class is responsible to create new Thread instances to run a command.
DefaultThreadPool The DefaultThreadPool class implements the ThreadPool interface.
LinkedQueue A linked list based channel implementation.
SynchronousChannel A rendezvous channel, similar to those used in CSP and Ada.

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