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Uses of XScriptVariableScope in org.apache.cocoon.components.xscript

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.components.xscript with parameters of type XScriptVariableScope
 XScriptObject XScriptManagerImpl.get(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name, int scope)
 XScriptObject XScriptManager.get(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name, int scope)
          Obtains the object value of the name variable in scope.
 XScriptObject XScriptManagerImpl.getFirst(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name)
 XScriptObject XScriptManager.getFirst(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name)
          Search for the first occurence of the variable name.
 void XScriptManagerImpl.put(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name, XScriptObject value, int scope)
 void XScriptManager.put(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name, XScriptObject value, int scope)
          Defines or overwrites the value of variable name in scope.
 XScriptObject XScriptManagerImpl.remove(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name, int scope)
 XScriptObject XScriptManager.remove(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name, int scope)
          Removes a variable previously declared in scope within context.
 XScriptObject XScriptManagerImpl.removeFirst(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name)
 XScriptObject XScriptManager.removeFirst(XScriptVariableScope pageScope, Map objectModel, String name)
          Remove the first appearance of name in the all the currently accessible scopes.

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