Class TemplateObjectModelHelper

  extended by org.apache.cocoon.environment.TemplateObjectModelHelper

public class TemplateObjectModelHelper
extends Object

This is an utility class to create an object model which is similar to the one used in flow, that can be used from every component. Work-in-progress, derived from JXTemplateGenerator

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Nested Class Summary
protected static class TemplateObjectModelHelper.ParametersMap
Method Summary
static void fillContext(Object contextObject, Map map)
static Map getTemplateObjectModel(Map objectModel, Parameters parameters)
          Create the object model.
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Method Detail


public static void fillContext(Object contextObject,
                               Map map)


public static Map getTemplateObjectModel(Map objectModel,
                                         Parameters parameters)
Create the object model. Currently the object model is a map with one single entry: cocoon + request The Request Object + session The Session (if available) + context The Context + continuation The Continuation (if available) + parameters The parameters (if provided)

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