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Uses of AbstractValidationRule in org.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype.validationruleimpl

Subclasses of AbstractValidationRule in org.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype.validationruleimpl
 class AssertValidationRule
          Generic validation rule that evaluates an expression.
 class EmailValidationRule
          ValidationRule that checks that a string is an email address.
 class LengthValidationRule
          Checks the length of a String.
 class Mod10ValidationRule
          Performs the so called "mod 10" algorithm to check the validity of credit card numbers such as VISA.
 class RangeValidationRule
          Checks numeric ranges.
 class RegExpValidationRule
          Checks that a String matches a regular expression.
 class ValueCountValidationRule
          Checks the number of values (i.e. the size of the array).

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype.validationruleimpl with parameters of type AbstractValidationRule
protected  void AbstractValidationRuleBuilder.buildFailMessage(Element validationRuleElement, AbstractValidationRule rule)
          Checks if the validation rule configuration contains a custom failmessage, and if so, sets it one the ValidationRule.

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