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Uses of AbstractContainerWidget in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel

Subclasses of AbstractContainerWidget in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel
 class Form
          A widget that serves as a container for other widgets, the top-level widget in a form description file.
 class Group
          A container Widget which can hold zero or more child widgets.
 class Repeater.RepeaterRow
 class Struct
          Deprecated. replaced by Group
 class Union
          A discriminated union that references a discriminant value in another widget and contains one of several cases (widgets).

Uses of AbstractContainerWidget in org.apache.cocoon.forms.util

Fields in org.apache.cocoon.forms.util declared as AbstractContainerWidget
protected  AbstractContainerWidget ContainerWidgetAsMap.container

Constructors in org.apache.cocoon.forms.util with parameters of type AbstractContainerWidget
ContainerWidgetAsMap(AbstractContainerWidget container)
          Same as ContainerWidgetAsMap(container, false)
ContainerWidgetAsMap(AbstractContainerWidget container, boolean keysToLowerCase)
          Wraps a container widget in a Map.

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