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Subclasses of AbstractWidgetDefinition in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel
 class AbstractContainerDefinition
          The AbstractContainerDefinition corresponding to an AbstractContainerWidget.
 class AbstractDatatypeWidgetDefinition
          Base class for WidgetDefinitions that use a Datatype and SelectionList.
 class ActionDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a Action widget, see Action for more information.
 class AggregateFieldDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a AggregateField widget, see AggregateField for more information.
 class BooleanFieldDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a BooleanField widget, see BooleanField for more information.
 class CalculatedFieldDefinition
          Definition of a CalculatedField.
 class CaptchaFieldDefinition
          A FieldDefinition for CaptchaFields.
 class ClassDefinition
          A WidgetDefinition which holds a collection of Widgets and which can be instantiated with a NewDefinition.
 class FieldDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a Field widget, see Field for more information.
 class FormDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a Form widget, see Form for more information.
 class GoogleMapDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a GoogleMap widget, see GoogleMap for more information.
 class GroupDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition corresponding to a Group widget.
 class ImageMapDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of an ImageMap widget, see ImageMap for more information.
 class MessagesDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a Messages widget, see Messages for more information.
 class MultiValueFieldDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a MultiValueField widget, see MultiValueField for more information.
 class NewDefinition
          This is the "WidgetDefinition" which is used to instantiate a ClassDefinition.
 class OutputDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a Output widget.
 class RepeaterActionDefinition
          Abstract repeater action.
static class RepeaterActionDefinition.AddRowActionDefinition
          The definition of a repeater action that adds a row to a sibling repeater.
static class RepeaterActionDefinition.ChangePageActionDefinition
static class RepeaterActionDefinition.DeleteRowsActionDefinition
          The definition of a repeater action that deletes the selected rows of a sibling repeater.
static class RepeaterActionDefinition.InsertRowsActionDefinition
          The definition of a repeater action that insert rows before the selected rows in a sibling repeater, or at the end of the repeater if no row is selected.
static class RepeaterActionDefinition.SortActionDefinition
 class RepeaterDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition part of a Repeater widget, see Repeater for more information.
 class RepeaterFilterFieldDefinition
 class RowActionDefinition
static class RowActionDefinition.AddAfterDefinition
          Adds a row after the one containing this action.
static class RowActionDefinition.DeleteRowDefinition
          Deletes the row containing this action.
static class RowActionDefinition.MoveDownDefinition
          Moves up the row containing this action.
static class RowActionDefinition.MoveUpDefinition
          Moves up the row containing this action.
 class StructDefinition
          Deprecated. replaced by GroupDefinition
 class SubmitDefinition
          Definition for a Submit.
 class UnionDefinition
          The WidgetDefinition corresponding to a Union widget.
 class UploadDefinition
          The definition of an upload widget.

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel with parameters of type AbstractWidgetDefinition
protected  void AbstractWidgetDefinitionBuilder.setCommonProperties(Element widgetElement, AbstractWidgetDefinition widgetDefinition)
protected  void AbstractWidgetDefinitionBuilder.setCreateListeners(Element widgetElement, AbstractWidgetDefinition widgetDefinition)
protected  void AbstractWidgetDefinitionBuilder.setDisplayData(Element widgetElement, AbstractWidgetDefinition widgetDefinition)
protected  void AbstractWidgetDefinitionBuilder.setupDefinition(Element widgetElement, AbstractWidgetDefinition definition, WidgetDefinitionBuilderContext context)
protected  void AbstractWidgetDefinitionBuilder.setValidators(Element widgetElement, AbstractWidgetDefinition widgetDefinition)

Constructors in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel with parameters of type AbstractWidgetDefinition
AbstractWidget(AbstractWidgetDefinition definition)

Uses of AbstractWidgetDefinition in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.tree

Subclasses of AbstractWidgetDefinition in org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.tree
 class TreeDefinition
          Definition of a Tree widget.

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