Package org.apache.cocoon.generation.asciiart

Interface Summary
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArtElement Marker interface of objects addable to the AsciiArtPad

Class Summary
AsciiArtPad A drawing ascii art pad.
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArt Helper class containing the ascii text data, acting as input of an AsciiArtPad
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArtCoordinate Helper class describing a coordinate of AsciiArtPad elements.
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArtLine An AsciiArtElement describing a line.
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArtPadBuilder Builder of AsciiArtElements from an AsciiArt input.
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArtRect An AsciiArtElement describing a rectangle.
AsciiArtPad.AsciiArtString An AsciiArtElement describing a string of text.
AsciiArtSVGGenerator A simple AsciiArt text SVG XML generator.

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