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Uses of PreparableMatcher in org.apache.cocoon.matching

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.matching that implement PreparableMatcher
 class AbstractPreparableMatcher
          A matcher that can prepare patterns during sitemap setup for faster match at request time.
 class AbstractRegexpMatcher
          Base class for all matchers using a regular expression pattern.
 class RegexpHeaderMatcher
          Matches a request header (e.g.
 class RegexpHostMatcher
          Matches the target host ("Host" request header) against a regular expression.
 class RegexpParameterMatcher
          Matches a sitemap parameter against a regular expression.
 class RegexpRequestAttributeMatcher
          Matches a request attribute against a regular expression.
 class RegexpRequestParameterMatcher
          Matches a request parameter against a regular expression.
 class RegexpSessionAttributeMatcher
          Matches a session attribute against a regular expression.
 class RegexpTargetHostMatcher
          Deprecated. Renamed to RegexpHostMatcher
 class RegexpURIMatcher
          Matches the request URIs against a regular expression pattern.

Uses of PreparableMatcher in org.apache.cocoon.matching.modular

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.matching.modular that implement PreparableMatcher
 class CachingRegexpMatcher
          Matches against a regular expression.

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