Class CopletModule

  extended by org.apache.cocoon.portal.components.modules.input.AbstractModule
      extended by org.apache.cocoon.portal.components.modules.input.CopletModule
All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, Serviceable, ThreadSafe, InputModule

public class CopletModule
extends AbstractModule

Makes accessible coplet instance data by using JXPath expressions.


<map:action type="foo">
        <map:parameter name="maxpageable" value="{coplet:copletData/maxpageable}"/>
The module will insert the boolean value specifying whether the coplet is maxpageable or not as value of attribute "value" in <map:parameter>. There are two possibilities how the module obtains the information required for getting the coplet instance data:

1) If it is used within a coplet pipeline and this pipeline is called using the "cocoon:" protocol, all required information are passed automatically.
2) Otherwise the portal name and the coplet id must be passed in the object model which can be done by using the ObjectModelAction:
<map:action type="objectModel">
        <map:parameter name="portalName" value="exampleportal"/>
        <map:parameter name="copletId" value="examplecoplet"/>
        <map:action type="foo">
                <map:parameter name="maxpageable" value="{coplet:copletData/maxpageable}"/>
Using the path '#' you get the current copletId: {coplet:#}

CVS $Id: CopletModule.html 1304258 2012-03-23 10:09:27Z ilgrosso $
Björn Lütkemeier, Carsten Ziegeler

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Method Summary
 Object getAttribute(String name, Configuration modeConf, Map objectModel)
          Standard access to an attribute's value.
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getAttributeNames, getAttributeValues, service
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Constructor Detail


public CopletModule()
Method Detail


public Object getAttribute(String name,
                           Configuration modeConf,
                           Map objectModel)
                    throws ConfigurationException
Description copied from interface: InputModule
Standard access to an attribute's value. If more than one value exists, the first is returned. If the value does not exist, null is returned. To get all values, use InputModule.getAttributeValues(String, Configuration, Map) or InputModule.getAttributeNames(Configuration, Map) and InputModule.getAttribute(String, Configuration, Map) to get them one by one.

name - a String that specifies what the caller thinks would identify an attribute. This is mainly a fallback if no modeConf is present.
modeConf - column's mode configuration from resource description. This argument is optional.

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