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Uses of EventAspect in org.apache.cocoon.portal.event.aspect.impl

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.portal.event.aspect.impl that implement EventAspect
 class AbstractContentEventAspect
 class ActionCounterEventAspect
          This aspect "disables" the back button of the browser and tries to avoid problems with the user browsing in multiple windows.
 class ConvertableEventAspect
          Process all convertable event request parameters, creating the events and saving them in request attributes for processing by EventAspects that follow.
 class FrameEventAspect
 class FullScreenCopletEventAspect
 class LinkEventAspect
 class NoClientCachingEventAspect
          This aspect implementation sets some headers on the response that tell clients/proxies to not cache.
 class PageLabelEventAspect
          Converts links generated by the PageLabelLinkService into events and publishes them.
 class RequestParameterEventAspect

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