Package org.apache.cocoon.portal.event

Interface Summary
ActionEvent This event is performed "on" a target.
ComparableEvent Marker interface for portal event that is comparable.
ConvertableEvent Marker interface for portal event .
ConvertableEventFactory Interface to be implemented to create Event factories.
CopletDataEvent This interface marks an event as an event for a coplet data (or for all coplet instance datas).
CopletInstanceEvent This interface marks an event as an event for a coplet instance.
Event Marker interface for an portal event
EventConverter Convert events from and into strings
EventManager This component manages the event handling mechanism in the portal.
Filter Deprecated. Use the receiver instead.
LayoutEvent This interface marks an ActionEvent as targetted at a Layout object.
Publisher Publisher produces or publishes events that are brokered by EventManager and of which the appropriate subscribers are informed of.
Receiver A receiver registers its interest in a class of events through the EventManager.
Register Deprecated. Use EventManager.subscribe(Receiver) instead.
RequestEvent Marker interface for portal event.
Subscriber Deprecated. Use the Receiver instead.

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