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Packages that use AbstractProducible

Uses of AbstractProducible in org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplet

Subclasses of AbstractProducible in org.apache.cocoon.portal.coplet
 class CopletData
 class CopletInstanceData

Uses of AbstractProducible in org.apache.cocoon.portal.layout

Subclasses of AbstractProducible in org.apache.cocoon.portal.layout
 class AbstractLayout

Uses of AbstractProducible in org.apache.cocoon.portal.layout.impl

Subclasses of AbstractProducible in org.apache.cocoon.portal.layout.impl
 class CompositeLayoutImpl
          A composite layout is a layout that contains other layouts.
 class CopletLayout
          A coplet layout holds a coplet.
 class FrameLayout
          A frame layout holds a source URI.
 class LinkLayout
          A link layout references another layout to be used instead.

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