Package org.apache.cocoon.portal.layout.renderer.aspect.impl

Class Summary
AbstractActionAspect This aspect creates an event and subscribes to it as well
AbstractAspect Base class for renderer aspects.
AbstractCIncludeAspect Base class for aspect renderers that generate cinclude statements.
AbstractCompositeAspect Insert a composite layout's elements into the resulting XML.
CIncludeCopletAspect This aspect streams a cinclude statement into the stream that will include the coplet using the coplet protocol.
CompositeContentAspect Add several contents.
DefaultCopletAspect This aspect directly invokes the coplet adapter to stream out the coplet content.
DefaultRendererContext The renderer aspect context is passed to every renderer aspect.
FrameAspect Adds a cinclude tag for a FrameLayout's source to the resulting stream.
FullScreenCopletAspect Includes a tag containing a URI that is connected with a fullscreen display of a coplet.
HistoryAspect Save the current state of the layout into the session.
ParameterAspect Add layout parameter to resulting XML stream so that they can be picked up later from a stylesheet for example.
PortletWindowAspect This aspect draws a portlet window for a JSR-168 implementation.
RemovableAspect Add a tag holding a URI used to remove a coplet from a layout to the output stream if the coplet is not set to mandatory.
RendererAspectChain This chain holds all configured renderer aspects for one renderer.
SizingAspect This renderer aspect tests, if a coplet is sizable and/or maxpageable and adds tags holding URIs for switching to currently inactive modes (i.e. maximize or minimize).
TabContentAspect Example XML: <composite> <named-item name="..." parameter="link-event"/> <named-item name="..." selected="true"> <!
WindowAspect Create a title tag for a coplet as well as an optional enclosing tag.
XSLTAspect Apply a XSLT stylesheet to the contained layout.

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