Package org.apache.cocoon.portal.util

Interface Summary
DeltaApplicable Interface for functionality of objects to be updated by a delta object.
DeltaApplicableReferencesAdjustable Interface for functionality of objects to be updated by a delta object and where references to contained DeltaApplicable objects can be adjusted if no delta has been applied to them.

Class Summary
AbstractFieldHandler Base field handler implementation
AspectDataFieldHandler Field handler for aspects of an Aspectizable object.
AttributedMapItem Used by the ParameterFieldHandler for Castor.
AttributesFieldHandler Field handler for attributes of a CopletData object.
ConfigurationFieldHandler Field handler for attributes of a CopletBaseData object.
CopletBaseDataFieldHandler Field handler for CopletBaseData instances.
CopletBaseDataReferenceFieldHandler Field handler for external CopletBaseData references.
CopletDataFieldHandler Field handler for CopletData instances.
CopletDataReferenceFieldHandler Field handler for external CopletData references.
CopletInstanceDataFieldHandler Field handler for CopletInstanceData instances.
CopletInstanceDataReferenceFieldHandler Field handler for external CopletInstanceData references.
HtmlSaxParser This parser uses the nekohtml parser to parse html and generate sax streams.
ParameterFieldHandler Field handler for parameters.
ReferenceFieldHandler Field handler superclass for external references.

Exception Summary
ProfileException This interface is used for throwing exception during loading/saving the profile.

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