Package org.apache.cocoon.serialization

Interface Summary
Serializer A serializer is the last point of a pipeline.

Class Summary
AbstractTextSerializer.NamespaceAsAttributes A pipe that ensures that all namespace prefixes are also present as 'xmlns:' attributes.
ElementProcessorSerializer An implementation of nearly all of the methods included in the org.apache.poi.serialization.Serializer interface This is an abstract class.
FOPSerializer FOP 0.93 (and newer) based serializer.
FOPSerializer.ReleaseSourceInputStream An InputStream which releases the Cocoon/Avalon source from which the InputStream has been retrieved when the stream is closed.
HSSFSerializer Serializer to produce an HSSF stream.
POIFSSerializer An extension of ElementProcessorSerializer with extensions for dealing with the POIFS filesystem This is an abstract class.
RTFSerializer This class uses the jfor library to serialize XSL:FO documents to RTF streams.
SVGSerializer A Batik based Serializer for generating PNG/JPEG images
SWFSerializer uses the project
TextSerializer Text serializer converts XML into plain text.
XMidiSerializer Takes SAX Events and serializes them as a standard MIDI file.
ZipArchiveSerializer A serializer that builds Zip archives by aggregating several sources.

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