Package org.apache.cocoon.util.location

Classes and utilities used to track location information.


Interface Summary
Locatable A interface that should be implemented by objects knowning their location (i.e. where they have been created from).
LocatableException Extension of Locatable for exceptions.
Location A location in a resource.
LocationUtils.LocationFinder An finder or object locations
MultiLocatable An extension of Location for classes that can hold a list of locations.

Class Summary
LocationAttributes A class to handle location information stored in attributes.
LocationAttributes.Pipe A SAX filter that adds the information available from the Locator as attributes.
LocationImpl A simple immutable and serializable implementation of Location.
LocationUtils Location-related utility methods.

Exception Summary
LocatedException A cascading and located Exception.
LocatedRuntimeException A cascading and located RuntimeException.

Package org.apache.cocoon.util.location Description

Classes and utilities used to track location information.

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