Class SessionAction

  extended by org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.AbstractLogEnabled
      extended by org.apache.cocoon.acting.AbstractAction
          extended by org.apache.cocoon.acting.ServiceableAction
              extended by org.apache.cocoon.webapps.session.acting.SessionAction
All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, LogEnabled, Serviceable, ThreadSafe, Action

Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

public final class SessionAction
extends ServiceableAction
implements ThreadSafe

This action creates and terminates a session. The action is controlled via parameters. The action parameter defines the action (creating or terminating). The value "create" creates a new session (if not already available) The value "terminate" terminates the session. The termination can be controlled with a second parameter "mode": The default value "immediately" terminates the session, the value "if-unused" terminates the session only if no session context is available anymore. This means the user must not have any own session context and must not be authenticated anymore using the uthentication framework.

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Carsten Ziegeler

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Map act(Redirector redirector, SourceResolver resolver, Map objectModel, String source, Parameters par)
          Deprecated. Controls the processing against some values of the Dictionary objectModel and returns a Map object with values used in subsequent sitemap substitution patterns.
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Constructor Detail


public SessionAction()
Method Detail


public Map act(Redirector redirector,
               SourceResolver resolver,
               Map objectModel,
               String source,
               Parameters par)
        throws ProcessingException
Description copied from interface: Action
Controls the processing against some values of the Dictionary objectModel and returns a Map object with values used in subsequent sitemap substitution patterns. NOTE: This interface is designed so that implentations can be ThreadSafe. When an action is ThreadSafe, only one instance serves all requests : this reduces memory usage and avoids pooling.

Specified by:
act in interface Action
resolver - The SourceResolver in charge
objectModel - The Map with object of the calling environment which can be used to select values this controller may need (ie Request, Response).
source - A source String to the Action
par - The Parameters for this invocation
Map The returned Map object with sitemap substitution values which can be used in subsequent elements attributes like src= using a xpath like expression: src="mydir/{myval}/foo" If the return value is null the processing inside the element of the sitemap will be skipped.

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