Package org.apache.cocoon.auth.impl

Interface Summary
UserDAO Interface for the user dao.

Class Summary
AbstractSecurityHandler This is a base class that can be used for own SecurityHandlers.
AnonymousSecurityHandler This security handlers doesn't check any credentials of the user.
DAOSecurityHandler Implementation of a DAO security handler.
LoginInfo This class keeps track of the number of applications a user is logged into using the same security handler.
PipelineSecurityHandler Verify if a user can be authenticated.
PipelineSecurityHandler.PipelineSHUser The internal user class.
ServletSecurityHandler Verify if a user can be authenticated.
ServletSecurityHandler.ServletUser Inner class for the current user.
ServletSessionListener This session listener keeps track of expired sessions.
SimpleSecurityHandler The simple security handler implements the SecurityHandler interface.
StandardApplication This is the default implementation for an Application.
StandardApplicationManager This is the default implementation of the ApplicationManager.
StandardUser This object represents the current user.
UserInfo A simple bean holding user information like - the user name - the user password - the retry count - an expires date

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