Class ParsedContextURLProtocolHandler

  extended byorg.apache.batik.util.AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler
      extended byorg.apache.cocoon.components.url.ParsedContextURLProtocolHandler
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public class ParsedContextURLProtocolHandler
extends org.apache.batik.util.AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler

Provide an extension to Batik to handle the "context:" protocol. This class assumes it will live in a separate classloader as the Context is set statically. Batik uses the Jar file Services extension, so the class is instantiated in an uncontrolled manner (as far as Cocoon is concerned).

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Create a new instance, this doesn't do much beyond register the type of protocol we handle.
Method Summary
 org.apache.batik.util.ParsedURLData parseURL(org.apache.batik.util.ParsedURL base, String uri)
          The build the relative URL.
 org.apache.batik.util.ParsedURLData parseURL(String uri)
          Getbase.getPath() the ParsedURLData for the context.
static void setContext(org.apache.cocoon.environment.Context newContext)
          Set the ServletContext for this protocol.
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Constructor Detail


public ParsedContextURLProtocolHandler()
Create a new instance, this doesn't do much beyond register the type of protocol we handle.

Method Detail


public static final void setContext(org.apache.cocoon.environment.Context newContext)
Set the ServletContext for this protocol. If it does not exist, you will get NullPointerExceptions!


public org.apache.batik.util.ParsedURLData parseURL(String uri)
Getbase.getPath() the ParsedURLData for the context. Absolute URIs are specified like "context://".


public org.apache.batik.util.ParsedURLData parseURL(org.apache.batik.util.ParsedURL base,
                                                    String uri)
The build the relative URL. Relative URIs are specified like "context:".

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