Class JXPathBindingBuilderBase

  extended byorg.apache.cocoon.forms.binding.JXPathBindingBuilderBase
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AggregateJXPathBindingBuilder, CaseJXPathBindingBuilder, ClassJXPathBindingBuilder, ContextJXPathBindingBuilder, CustomJXPathBindingBuilder, DeleteNodeJXPathBindingBuilder, ExpandJXPathBindingBuilder, GroupJXPathBindingBuilder, ImportJXPathBindingBuilder, InsertBeanJXPathBindingBuilder, InsertNodeJXPathBindingBuilder, JavaScriptJXPathBindingBuilder, MultiValueJXPathBindingBuilder, NewJXPathBindingBuilder, RepeaterJXPathBindingBuilder, SetAttributeJXPathBindingBuilder, SimpleRepeaterJXPathBindingBuilder, StructJXPathBindingBuilder, TempRepeaterJXPathBindingBuilder, TreeModelJXPathBuilder, UnionJXPathBindingBuilder, ValueJXPathBindingBuilder

public abstract class JXPathBindingBuilderBase
extends Object
implements JXPathBindingBuilder

Abstract base class enabling logging and supporting the interpretation of common configuration settings on all specific implementations of JXPathBindingBase. Common supported configurations: getCommonAttributes(Element)

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Nested Class Summary
static class JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes
          CommonAttributes is a simple helper class for holding the distinct data member fields indicating the activity of the separate load and save actions of a given binding.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected static JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes getCommonAttributes(Element bindingElm)
          Helper method for interpreting the common attributes which are supported on each of the Bindings.
static JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes mergeCommonAttributes(JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes existing, JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes extra)
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Constructor Detail


public JXPathBindingBuilderBase()
Method Detail


protected static JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes getCommonAttributes(Element bindingElm)
                                                                        throws BindingException
Helper method for interpreting the common attributes which are supported on each of the Bindings. These are
@direction can hold one of the following values:
  1. 'load': This binding will only load.
  2. 'save': This binding will only save.
  3. 'both': This binding will perform both operations.

@lenient can either be:
  1. 'true': This binding will set the jxpath context to be lenient towards the usage of inexisting paths on the back-end model.
  2. 'false': This binding will set the jxpath context to be strict and throwing exceptions for the usage of inexisting paths on the back-end model.
  3. (unset): This binding will not change the leniency behaviour on the jxpath this binding receives from his parent binding.

bindingElm -
an instance of CommonAttributes


public static JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes mergeCommonAttributes(JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes existing,
                                                                              JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes extra)

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