Class EnumType

  extended byorg.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype.typeimpl.AbstractDatatype
      extended byorg.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype.typeimpl.EnumType
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EnumType
extends AbstractDatatype

A Datatype implementation for types implementing Joshua Bloch's typesafe enum pattern.

See the following code for an example:

 package com.example;
 public class Sex {

   public static final Sex MALE = new Sex("M");
   public static final Sex FEMALE = new Sex("F");
   private String code;

   private Sex(String code) { this.code = code; }

If your enumerated type does not provide a Object.toString() method, the enum convertor will use the fully qualified class name, followed by the name of the public static final field referring to each instance, i.e. "com.example.Sex.MALE", "com.example.Sex.FEMALE" and so on.

If you provide a toString() method which returns something different, you should also provide a fromString(String, Locale) method to convert those strings back to instances.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getDescriptiveName()
          Returns a descriptive name for the base type of this datatype, i.e.
 Class getTypeClass()
          Gets the class object for the type represented by this datatype.
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addValidationRule, convertFromString, convertToString, generateSaxFragment, getBuilder, getConvertor, getPlainConvertor, isArrayType, setArrayType, setBuilder, setConvertor, validate
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Constructor Detail


public EnumType()
Method Detail


public Class getTypeClass()
Description copied from interface: Datatype
Gets the class object for the type represented by this datatype. E.g. Long, String, ... The objects returned from the convertFromString* methods are of this type, and the object passed to the convertToString* or validate methods should be of this type.


public String getDescriptiveName()
Description copied from interface: Datatype
Returns a descriptive name for the base type of this datatype, i.e. something like 'string', 'long', 'decimal', ...

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