Interface ContainerWidget

All Superinterfaces:
org.apache.cocoon.util.location.Locatable, Widget
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractContainerWidget, AggregateField

public interface ContainerWidget
extends Widget

Interface to be implemented by Widgets which contain other widgets. So all widgets together form a widget tree, with its root being the Form widget, the ContainerWidgets being the branches/forks, and the Widgets with values being the leaves.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.Widget
Method Summary
 void addChild(Widget widget)
          Adds a child widget.
 Widget getChild(String id)
          Gets the child widget with the given id.
 Iterator getChildren()
 boolean hasChild(String id)
          Checks if there is a child widget with the given id.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.Widget
addValidator, broadcastEvent, generateLabel, generateSaxFragment, getAttribute, getCombinedState, getDefinition, getForm, getFullName, getId, getLocation, getName, getParent, getRequestParameterName, getState, getValue, getWidget, initialize, isRequired, isValid, lookupWidget, readFromRequest, removeAttribute, removeValidator, setAttribute, setParent, setState, setValue, validate

Method Detail


public void addChild(Widget widget)
Adds a child widget.


public boolean hasChild(String id)
Checks if there is a child widget with the given id.


public Widget getChild(String id)
Gets the child widget with the given id.

null if there is no child with the given id.


public Iterator getChildren()
an iterator over the widgets this object contains

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