Package org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.tree

Interface Summary
TreeModel Data model for the Tree widget, inspired by Swing's TreeModel, with the difference that child nodes are accessed through keys rather than indices.
TreeModelDefinition Creates TreeModels.
TreeModelListener Listener of changes to a TreeModel.
TreeSelectionListener Listener for changes in a Tree's selection.

Class Summary
DefaultTreeModel A default tree model, implemented with DefaultTreeModel.TreeNodes.
JavaTreeModelDefinition A TreeModelDefinition based on a Spring bean implementing TreeModel.
SourceTreeModel A TreeModel that builds a hierarchy of TraversableSources.
SourceTreeModelDefinition Definition for SourceTreeModel
Tree A tree widget, heavily inspired by Swing's JTree.
TreeDefinition Definition of a Tree widget.
TreeModelEvent Event indicating a change on a TreeModel.
TreeModelHelper A helper class to ease the implementation of TreeModels
TreePath A path in a TreeModel.
TreeSelectionEvent An event fired when the selection of a Tree changes.
TreeWalker A helper to crawl a tree and quickly access important node-related information.

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