Class JavaScriptValidator

  extended byorg.apache.cocoon.forms.validation.impl.JavaScriptValidator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JavaScriptValidator
extends Object
implements WidgetValidator

A WidgetValidator implemented as a JavaScript snippet.

This snippet must return a value which can be of different types. The only way to indicate successfull validation is to return a boolean true value.

To indicate validation error, a number of result types are possible:

The JavaScript snippet has the "this" and "widget" variables set to the validated widget, and, if the form is used in a flowscript, can use the flow's global values and fonctions and the cocoon object.

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Constructor Summary
JavaScriptValidator(org.apache.cocoon.processing.ProcessInfoProvider processInfoProvider, org.mozilla.javascript.Function function)
Method Summary
 boolean validate(Widget widget)
          Validate a widget.
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Constructor Detail


public JavaScriptValidator(org.apache.cocoon.processing.ProcessInfoProvider processInfoProvider,
                           org.mozilla.javascript.Function function)
Method Detail


public final boolean validate(Widget widget)
Description copied from interface: WidgetValidator
Validate a widget.

Specified by:
validate in interface WidgetValidator
widget - the widget to validate
true if validation was successful. If not, the validator must have set a ValidationError on the widget or one of its children.

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