Package org.apache.cocoon.components.source.impl

Interface Summary

Class Summary
BlockContextSource This source makes the immediate children to the blockcontext:/ uri traversable
BlockContextSourceFactory Create a BlockContextSource that makes the resources of a block available.
CachedSourceResponse Cached response for caching Source contents and extra meta information.
CachingSource This class implements a proxy like source that uses another source to get the content.
CachingSource.SourceMeta Data holder for caching Source meta info.
CachingSourceFactory This class implements a proxy like source caches the contents of the source it wraps.
ExpiresCachingSourceValidityStrategy We need to store both the cache expiration and the original source validity the former is to determine whether to recheck the latter (see checkValidity)
PartSource Implementation of a Source that gets its content from a PartOnDisk or PartInMemory held in the Request when a file is uploaded.
PartSourceFactory A factory for Part based sources (see PartSource).
TraversableCachingSource Traversable version of CachingSource.

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