Interface Modifiable

public interface Modifiable

This interface is implemented by those classes that change their behavior/results over time (non-ergodic).

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Method Summary
 boolean modifiedSince(long date)
          Queries the class to estimate its ergodic period termination.

Method Detail


public boolean modifiedSince(long date)
Queries the class to estimate its ergodic period termination.
This method is called to ensure the validity of a cached product. It is the class responsibility to provide the fastest possible implementation of this method or, whether this is not possible and the costs of the change evaluation is comparable to the production costs, to return true directly with no further delay, thus reducing the evaluation overhead to a minimum.

true if the class ergodic period is over and the class would behave differently if processed again, false if the resource is still ergodic so that it doesn't require reprocessing.

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