Interface XMLPipe

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ContentHandler, LexicalHandler, XMLConsumer, XMLConsumer, XMLProducer
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public interface XMLPipe
extends XMLConsumer, XMLProducer

The XMLPipe is both an XMLProducer and an XMLConsumer. All the Transformers implement this interface for example. By having an XMLPipe interface, we can chain more than one pipeline component together. What this means is that Cocoon will honor all the XMLProducer contracts in a pipeline first. The SAX pipeline will be completely assembled before any SAX calls are issued. Cocoon does not want any stray calls to get lost. There can be zero or more XMLPipes in a pipeline, but there must always be at least one XMLProducer and XMLConsumer pair.

Because an XMLPipe is both a source and a sink for SAX events, the basic contract that you need to worry about is that you must forward any SAX events on that you are not intercepting and transforming. As you receive your startDocument event, pass it on to the XMLConsumer you received as part of the XMLProducer side of the contract. An example ASCII art will help make it a bit more clear:

 XMLProducer -> (XMLConsumer)XMLPipe(XMLProducer) -> XMLConsumer

A typical example would be using the FileGenerator (an XMLProducer), sending events to an XSLTTransformer (an XMLPipe), which then sends events to an HTMLSerializer (an XMLConsumer). The XSLTTransformer acts as an XMLConsumer to the FileGenerator, and also acts as an XMLProducer to the HTMLSerializer. It is still the responsibility of the XMLPipe component to ensure that the XML passed on to the next component is valid--provided the XML received from the previous component is valid. In layman's terms it means if you don't intend to alter the input, just pass it on. In most cases we just want to transform a small snippet of XML. For example, inserting a snippet of XML based on an embedded element in a certain namespace. Anything that doesn't belong to the namespace you are worried about should be passed on as is.

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