Package org.apache.cocoon.transformation

Class Summary
AugmentTransformer Augments all href attributes with the full path to the request.
EncodeURLTransformer The encodeURL transformer emits encoded URLs.
EncodeURLTransformer.ElementAttributeMatching A helper class for matching element names, and attribute names.
FilterTransformer The filter transformer can be used to let only an amount of elements through in a given block.
FragmentExtractorTransformer The transformation half of the FragmentExtractor (see also FragmentExtractorGenerator.
LogTransformer The LogTransformer is a class that can be plugged into a pipeline to print the SAX events which passes thru this transformer in a readable form to a file.
ReadDOMSessionTransformer With this transformer, an object that is stored in the session, can be inserted in the SAX stream at a given position, using usual <xsp:expr> rules.
RoleFilterTransformer Filter XML fragments based on a user's role.
SourceWritingTransformer This transformer allows you to output to a ModifiableSource.
StripNameSpacesTransformer The StripNameSpacesTransformer is a class that can be plugged into a pipeline to strip all namespaces from a SAX stream.
TeeTransformer This transformer works just like the unix "tee" command and is useful for debugging received XML streams.
TraxTransformer The XSLT stylesheet processor.
WriteDOMSessionTransformer Make a DOM object from SAX events and write it to the session.
XIncludeTransformer Implementation of an XInclude transformer.
XSLTTransformer The XSLT stylesheet processor

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