Interface ContinuationsDisposer

public interface ContinuationsDisposer

ContinuationsDisposer declares the contract for the clean-up of specfic continuations.

Typically a Interpreter implementation that produces continuation objects which require proper clean up will implement this interface to get a call-back in the event of the ContinuationsManager deciding to invalidate a WebContinuation.

Method Summary
 void disposeContinuation(WebContinuation webContinuation)
          Disposes the passed continuation object.

Method Detail


public void disposeContinuation(WebContinuation webContinuation)
Disposes the passed continuation object.

This method is called from the ContinuationsManager in the event of the invalidation of a continuation upon the ContinuationsDisposer object passed during the creation of the WebContinuation.

webContinuation - the WebContinuation value representing the continuation object.

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