Package org.apache.cocoon.components.treeprocessor

Interface Summary
LinkedProcessingNodeBuilder A ProcessingNode builder that links its node to other nodes in the hierarchy.
NamedProcessingNode A ProcessingNode that has a name.
ParameterizableProcessingNode A ProcessingNode that has parameters.
ProcessingNodeBuilder A ProcessingNode builder.

Class Summary
AbstractParentProcessingNodeBuilder Base class for parent ProcessingNodeBuilders, providing services for parsing children nodes.
AbstractProcessingNode Base class for ProcessingNode implementations.
CategoryNode A generic container node that just invokes its children.
CategoryNodeBuilder Builds a generic container node.
ConcreteTreeProcessor The concrete implementation of Processor, containing the evaluation tree and associated data such as component manager.
ContainerNode A generic container node that just invokes its children.
ContainerNodeBuilder Builds a generic container node.
InvokeContext The invocation context of ProcessingNodes.
NamedContainerNode A named container node that just invokes its children.
NamedContainerNodeBuilder Builds a generic named container node.
NodeBuilderSelector This is the selector used to select/create node builders.
NullNode A no-op node to stub not yet implemented features.
SimpleSelectorProcessingNode Base class for processing nodes that are based on a component in a Selector (act, match, select, etc).
TreeProcessor Interpreted tree-traversal implementation of a pipeline assembly language.
TreeProcessorSitemapErrorHandler Class providing error handling capabilities to the pipeline as configured in the sitemap.

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