Package org.apache.cocoon.core.container.spring.avalon

Interface Summary
AvalonPoolable Interface marking all poolable components.

Class Summary
AvalonBeanPostProcessor This is a Spring BeanPostProcessor adding support for the Avalon lifecycle interfaces.
AvalonContextFactoryBean This factory bean sets up the Avalon Context object.
AvalonNamespaceHandler Spring namespace handler for the cocoon avalon namespace.
AvalonServiceManager This bean acts like a Avalon ServiceManager.
AvalonServiceSelector This bean acts like a Avalon ServiceSelector.
AvalonSitemapContextFactoryBean This factory bean creates a context for a sitemap.
AvalonUtils Some utility methods for handling Avalon stuff.
BridgeElementParser This is the main implementation of the Avalon-Spring-bridge.
ComponentContext This is the Context implementation for Cocoon components.
ComponentInfo Meta-information about an Avalon based component.
ConfigurationInfo This bean stores information about a complete Avalon style configuration.
ConfigurationInfoFactoryBean This spring factory bean adds the configuration info to the bean factory.
ConfigurationReader This component reads in Avalon style configuration files and returns all contained components and their configurations.
PoolableFactoryBean This factory bean adds simple pooling support to Spring.
PoolableProxyHandler Proxy for all poolable components.
SettingsContext This is an extension of the default context implementation.

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