Package org.apache.cocoon.util

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractLogEnabled Support for logging.
BufferedOutputStream This class is like the BufferedOutputStream but it extends it with a logic to count the number of bytes written to the output stream.
ClassUtils A collection of class management utility methods.
ConfigurationUtil This class is an improved version of the Excalibur ConfigurationUtil class to support namespaces in DOMs.
Deprecation This class provides a special static "deprecation" logger.
EnumerationFactory A factory for the creation of enumeration types (missing in Java).
HashMap Extended Version of HashMap that provides an extended get method accpeting a default value.
HashUtil A very efficient java hash algorithm, based on the BuzHash algoritm by Robert Uzgalis (see for more information).
IOUtils A collection of File, URL and filename utility methods
MIMEUtils A collection of File, URL and filename utility methods.
NetUtils A collection of File, URL and filename utility methods
PostInputStream The class PostInputStream is a wrapper for InputStream associated with POST message.
ResizableContainer Add-only Container class.
StringUtils A collection of String handling utility methods.
TraxErrorHandler This error handler simply logs all exception and, in case of a fatal error, the exception is rethrown.
WildcardMatcherHelper This class is an utility class that perform wildcard-patterns matching and isolation.

Exception Summary
DeprecationException An exception that indicates unauthorized use of a deprecated feature, or an attempt to use a old feature that has been removed.

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