Uses of Interface

Packages that use Producer
org.apache.cocoon.profiling.component Provides cocoon-profiling pipeline components. 

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.betwixt

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.betwixt that implement Producer
 class BetwixtBeanGenerator

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.calendar

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.calendar that implement Producer
 class CalendarGenerator
          Generates an XML document representing a calendar for a given month and year.

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.csv

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.csv that implement Producer
 class CSVGenerator
           A simple parser converting a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file into XML.

Uses of Producer in

Classes in that implement Producer
 class DirectoryGenerator

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.jaxb

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.jaxb that implement Producer
 class JAXBGenerator
          SAX generator that produces SAX events from Object using the JAXB marshaller.

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.neko

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.neko that implement Producer
 class NekoGenerator

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.solr

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.solr that implement Producer
 class SolrConsumer

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.component

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.component that implement Producer
 class ProfilingGenerator
          A cocoon pipeline component to generate an XML representation of a ProfilingData.

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.sample.generation

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.sample.generation that implement Producer
 class CachingTimestampGenerator
 class TimestampGenerator

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.sax

Subinterfaces of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.sax
 interface SAXProducer

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.sax that implement Producer
 class AbstractSAXGenerator
 class AbstractSAXProducer
 class AbstractSAXTransformer

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.sax.component

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.sax.component that implement Producer
 class AbstractLinkRewriterTransformer
 class CleaningTransformer
 class I18nTransformer
          Internationalization transformer is used to transform i18n markup into text based on a particular locale.
 class IncludeTransformer
 class LogAsXMLTransformer
          Transformer that can be plugged into a pipeline to print as XML the SAX events which passes through this transformer in a readable form to a file or sysout.
 class LogTransformer
          Transformer that can be plugged into a pipeline to print the SAX events which passes through this transformer in a readable form to a file or sysout.
 class RegexpLinkRewriterTransformer
 class SchemaProcessorTransformer
 class SQLTransformer
          The SQLTransformer can be plugged into a pipeline to transform SAX events into updated or queries and responses to/from a SQL interface.
 class VariableExpanderTransformer
          A transformer that expands variables in the form of ${} inside the processing document.
 class XIncludeTransformer
          $Id: Producer.html 1343757 2012-05-29 14:45:42Z ilgrosso $
 class XMLGenerator
          General purpose SAX generator that produces SAX events from different sources.
 class XSLTTransformer

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.servlet.component

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.servlet.component that implement Producer
 class RequestParametersGenerator

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.servlet.ssf

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.servlet.ssf that implement Producer
 class ServiceConsumerGenerator
 class ServletServiceGenerator
 class ServletServiceTransformer

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.sitemap.component

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.sitemap.component that implement Producer
 class ExceptionGenerator

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.stax

Subinterfaces of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.stax
 interface StAXProducer
          Extension of the cocoon Producer element for all StAX specific components.

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.stax that implement Producer
 class AbstractStAXProducer
          StAX specific abstract class implementing the setConsumer(Consumer) method checking if a StAXConsumer is used, storing it and setting itself as the parent of its consumer.
 class AbstractStAXTransformer
          Abstract transformer could/should be used for each StAXTransformer.

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.stax.converter

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.stax.converter that implement Producer
 class SAXForStAXPipelineWrapper
          This class could be seen as the default implementation to use SAX components in StAX pipelines.
 class StAXToSAXPipelineAdapter
          A transformer which transforms between a StAX-only pipeline and a SAX-only pipeline.

Uses of Producer in org.apache.cocoon.stringtemplate

Classes in org.apache.cocoon.stringtemplate that implement Producer
 class ControllerContextAwareStringTemplateGenerator
 class StringTemplateGenerator
 class StringTemplateTransformer

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