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Packages that use ProfilingIdGenerator Contains classes and interfaces for the storage and the construction of data structures of profiling data. 
org.apache.cocoon.profiling.profiler Provides the abstract base class Profiler and some specific implementations. 
org.apache.cocoon.profiling.spring Provides components to interact with Spring. 

Uses of ProfilingIdGenerator in

Classes in that implement ProfilingIdGenerator
 class UUIDProfilingIdGenerator
          The UUIDProfilingIdGenerator uses ThreadLocal to separate the id management for different threads and generates ids based on UUID objects created by UUID.randomUUID(), which should be reasonably unique for profiling purposes.

Uses of ProfilingIdGenerator in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.profiler

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.profiler with parameters of type ProfilingIdGenerator
 void Profiler.setProfilingIdGenerator(ProfilingIdGenerator idGenerator)

Uses of ProfilingIdGenerator in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.spring

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.spring with parameters of type ProfilingIdGenerator
 void AutomaticProfilerInstaller.setProfilingIdGenerator(ProfilingIdGenerator profilingIdGenerator)

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