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Packages that use Profiler
org.apache.cocoon.profiling.aspects Contains classes that use the Spring AOP mechanism to intercept invocations on Cocoon components. 
org.apache.cocoon.profiling.profiler Provides the abstract base class Profiler and some specific implementations. 
org.apache.cocoon.profiling.spring Provides components to interact with Spring. 

Uses of Profiler in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.aspects

Methods in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.aspects with parameters of type Profiler
 void InvocationDispatcher.installProfiler(Profiler<?> profiler)
          Installs a new profiler.

Uses of Profiler in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.profiler

Subclasses of Profiler in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.profiler
 class GenerateNodeProfiler
 class MatchNodeProfiler
 class PipelineComponentProfiler
 class PipelineNodeProfiler
 class PipelineProfiler
 class ServletProfiler
          The profiler for Servlet, which intercepts the service method to add the profiling id information to the HTTP header.
 class SitemapNodeProfiler
 class TransformNodeProfiler

Uses of Profiler in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.spring

Method parameters in org.apache.cocoon.profiling.spring with type arguments of type Profiler
 void AutomaticProfilerInstaller.setProfilers(Map<String,Profiler<?>> profilers)

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