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Uses of AbstractStAXTransformer in org.apache.cocoon.stax.component

Subclasses of AbstractStAXTransformer in org.apache.cocoon.stax.component
 class CleaningTransformer
          Transformer which is used to clean a xml document from all whitespaces, comments and namespace start prefixes and end prefixes.
 class IncludeTransformer
          A transformer that includes a xml document into another at the place where a include tag is found pointing at the document to include.

Uses of AbstractStAXTransformer in org.apache.cocoon.stax.converter

Subclasses of AbstractStAXTransformer in org.apache.cocoon.stax.converter
 class SAXForStAXPipelineWrapper
          This class could be seen as the default implementation to use SAX components in StAX pipelines.

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