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Student project idea: Cocoon 3 monitoring


Enable JMX monitoring for Cocoon 3 web applications


Apart from the basic pipeline implementations Cocoon 3 also provides a framework for RESTful web applications based on XML sitemaps. When monitoring a Cocoon application it would be very useful to

  • inspect the content of the used pipeline caches (cache keys, content)
  • be able remove cache entries or clear the whole cache (there might be more than one cache configured!)
  • get an overview of all available Servlet-Services (Spring beans), their connections and their mount-points
  • get an overview of all other Spring beans
  • inspect all settings
  • inspect and reconfigure the logging settings (logback)


  • A separate module that exposes the described functionality via MBeans and works with JConsole.
  • It might be necessary to refactor the pipeline caching infrastructure in order to expose the required data and to be able to delete cache entries
  • It might be necessary to enhance the Cocoon Spring Configurator in order to support a reconfiguration of the logging framework.


Cocoon 3, Cocoon Spring-Configurator, JMX, Spring 2.5, Log4j, Java