Package org.apache.cocoon.servletservice

Interface Summary
Absolutizable By this interface, a ServletServiceContext provides absolute information about a mounted servlet service.
Mountable Interface for servlet services that are mounted on a specific path.
ServletConnection Contract to connect to a servlet service.

Class Summary
AbsoluteServletConnection Create a connection to a servlet service.
CallStackHelper Helper class used for geting hold on the current servlet service
DispatcherServlet A servlet that dispatch to managed sevlets from the context Spring container.
DynamicProxyRequestHandler A dynamic wrapper for servlet requests that overwrites the getContextPath, getServletPath and getPathInfo methods to reflect the mount path of the block servlet.
RelativeServletConnection Implementation of a ServletConnection that gets its content by invoking the servlet service.

Exception Summary
AbstractServletConnection.NoServletContextAvailableException A special exception indicating that there is no servlet context available.

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