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Directory Generator

Generates an XML directory listing.

  • Name: directory
  • Class: org.apache.cocoon.generation.DirectoryGenerator
  • Cacheable: yes

The root node of the generated document will normally be a directory node. A directory node can contain zero or more file or directory nodes. A file node has no children. All generated elements have the namespace

Each node will contain the following attributes:

  • name: the name of the file or directory.
  • lastModified: the time the file was last modified, measured as the number of milliseconds since the epoch (as in
  • date: the time the file was last modified in human-readable form.
  • size: the file size (or 0 for directories).

Additionally the node for the requested directory has an attribute requested with the value set to true. This node needs not to be the root node as you will see later.

  <map:generate type="directory" src="the/requested/directory">
    <map:parameter name="depth" value="2"/>

The src attribute on the <map:generate/> must be set to the directory the XML listing should be created of. This is the requested directory.

The following parameter are all optional and can be specified in the pipeline for the generate command (as seen in the example above for the parameter depth):

  • depth: Sets how deep Directory Generator should delve into the directory structure. If set to 1 (the default), only the starting directory's immediate contents will be returned.
  • dateFormat: Sets the format for the date attribute of each node as described in java.text.SimpleDateFormat. If unset, the default format for the current locale will be used.
  • refreshDelay: Sets the delay (in seconds, default is 1) between checks for updates on the file system. So this option influences the caching of the directory listing.
  • root: The root pattern. From the requested director upwards a directory is searched using this pattern, that is added as root node to the document. The path from this root node down to the requested directory will also be in the output. If no root pattern is specified or no ancestor of the requested directory matches this pattern, the requested directory will be the root in the output document.
    The pattern is a regular expression as described in the API docs of the Apache RegExp project.
  • include: The include pattern. Specifies the directories and files that should be included. Also a regular expression.
  • exclude: The exclude pattern. Specifies the directories and files that should be excluded. Also a regular expression.

XML generated by directory generator uses namespace The DTD of XML generated by directory generator:

  <!ELEMENT directory (directory|file)*>
  <!ATTLIST directroy
    name         CDATA #REQUIRED
    lastModified CDATA #REQUIRED
    date         CDATA #REQUIRED
    size         CDATA #REQUIRED
    requested    CDATA #IMPLIED>

  <!ELEMENT file #EMPTY>
  <!ATTLIST file
    name         CDATA #REQUIRED
    lastModified CDATA #REQUIRED
    date         CDATA #REQUIRED
    size         CDATA #REQUIRED>

The current directory generator may generate following xml:

<dir:directory xmlns:dir=""
    name="stylesheets" lastModified="1056668768203" date="27.06.03 01:06" size="0" requested="true">
  <dir:directory name="sites" lastModified="1056668768203" date="27.06.03 01:06" size="0"/>
  <dir:file name="dynamic-page2html.xsl" lastModified="1056668768203" date="27.06.03 01:06" size="0"/>
  <dir:file name="simple-xml2html.xsl" lastModified="1056668768203" date="27.06.03 01:06" size="1234"/>
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