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Request Generator

The request generator uses the current request to produce xml data. It converts some of the information contained in the request to structured xml.

  • Name : request
  • Class: org.apache.cocoon.generation.RequestGenerator
  • Cacheable: no.
<map:generate type="request"/>
<!-- The src attribute is optional -->

The output has the following schema. All elements have the namespace

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- The root element is request. The target attribute is the 
     requested uri and the source attribute is the optional 
     source attribute of the sitemap entry for this pipeline. -->
<request target="/cocoon/request" source=""

  <!-- First the headers: -->
    <header name="accept-language">de</header>
    <header name="connection">Keep-Alive</header>
    <header name="accept">image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg,
      image/pjpeg, */*</header>
    <header name="host">thehost.serving.cocoon</header>
    <header name="accept-encoding">gzip, deflate</header>
    <header name="user-agent">Browser User Agent</header>
    <header name="referer">http://thehost.serving.cocoon/cocoon/welcome

  <!-- All request parameters: -->
    <!-- Create a parameter element for each parameter -->
    <parameter name="login">
      <!-- Create a value element for each value -->

  <!-- All request attributes; see below the note on generate-attributes parameter. 
       (This feature is available startign with version 2.1 -->
    <!-- Create an attribute element for each attribute -->
    <attribute name="errorMessage">
      <!-- Create a value element for the attribute value -->
      <value>I was put here by an earlier action.</value>

  <!-- All configuration parameters: -->
    <!-- Create a parameter element for each parameter specified 
         in the pipeline for this generator-->
    <parameter name="test_sitemap_parameter">the value</parameter>


NoteIf you want request attributes to be generated, you must specify generate-attributes parameter at generator definition or invocation in the sitemap.

<!-- This will turn on attribute generation on by default -->
<map:generator name="request" src="org.apache.cocoon.generation.RequestGenerator"> 
    <map:parameter name="generate-attributes" value="true"/>

<!-- or -->

    <!-- This will turn on attribute generation for this invocation only. -->
    <map:match pattern="request">
        <map:generate type="request">
	    <map:parameter name="generate-attributes" value="true"/>

Copyright © 1999-2002 The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.