Package org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup.xsp

Interface Summary
XSPExpressionParser.Handler Handler interface for parsed expressions and text fragments.

Class Summary
AbstractEsqlQuery This is base class for all EsqlQueries
Cocoon2EsqlConnection This is the Cocoon2 specific part of an AbstractEsqlConnection.
EsqlHelper This is a helper class to remove redundant code in esql pages.
JdbcEsqlQuery This EsqlQuery only uses the standard JDBC API approaches.
JSGenerator Class representing interpreted XSP-generated ServerPagesGenerator programs written in Javascript language
PervasiveEsqlQuery Database specific EsqlQuery
PythonGenerator Class representing interpreted XSP-generated ServerPagesGenerator programs written in Python language
SOAPHelper Helper for the SOAP logicsheet.
SybaseEsqlQuery Database specific EsqlQuery
XSLTExtension This class is used as a XSLT extension class.
XSPCookieHelper This class is a helper class used by Cookie logicsheet This class contains following methods: public static void addCookie(Map , String , String , String , String , int , String , String , int); public static Cookie[] getCookies(Map); public static void getCookies(Map , ContentHandler) throws SAXException; public static Cookie getCookie(Map , String ,int ) throws SAXException; public static void getCookie(Map ,String ,int , ContentHandler) throws SAXException; public static String getComment(Map ,String , int); public static String getDomain(Map , String , int); public static String getMaxAge(Map ,String , int); public static String getName(Map ,String , int); public static String getPath(Map , String , int); public static String getSecure(Map , String , int); public static String getValue(Map , String , int); public static String getVersion(Map , String , int); private static String returnCookieProperty(Map ,String ,int ,String );
XSPExpressionFilter Filter attributes and text and expand {#expr} to xsp:attribute and xsp:expr elements.
XSPExpressionParser Parse XSP expressions.
XSPExpressionParser.QuotedState Parser state in a quoted string.
XSPExpressionParser.State Parser state.
XSPGenerator Base class for XSP-generated ServerPagesGenerator classes
XSPMarkupLanguage This class implements MarkupLanguage for Cocoon's XSP.
XSPModuleHelper Helper class that caches references to InputModules for use in XSPs.
XSPObjectHelper Base class for XSP's object model manipulation logicsheets
XSPRequestHelper The Request object helper
XSPResponseHelper The XSP Response object helper
XSPSessionFwHelper Deprecated. This block is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
XSPSessionHelper The Session object helper
XSPUtil The XSP Utility object helper

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