Package org.apache.cocoon.forms.datatype

Interface Summary
Datatype A Datatype encapsulates the functionality for working with specific kinds of data like integers, decimals or dates.
DatatypeBuilder Implementations of this class build a Datatype from an XML description (a DOM Element).
DatatypeManager Work interface for the component that manages the datatypes.
FilterableSelectionList Extension of SelectionList that can be filtered.
JavaSelectionList A selection list that takes its values from the custom java class itself.
SelectionList Interface to be implemented by selection lists.
SelectionListBuilder Builds SelectionLists from an XML description.
ValidationRule Interface for validation rules.
ValidationRuleBuilder Interface for classes that can build ValidationRules from an XML description.

Class Summary
AbstractJavaSelectionList Abstract implementation of a JavaSelectionList
DefaultDatatypeManager Implementation of the DatatypeManager component.
DefaultSelectionListBuilder Builds SelectionLists from an XML description or an URL.
DynamicSelectionList SelectionList implementation that always reads its content from the source each time it is requested.
EnumSelectionList This type of selection list outputs a list of items corresponding to the possible instances of an EnumType.
EnumSelectionListBuilder Description of EnumSelectionListBuilder.
FlowJXPathSelectionList A selection list that takes its values from the flow page data.
FlowJXPathSelectionListBuilder Builds a selection list that will take its values from the flow page data.
JavaScriptSelectionList A FilterableSelectionList based on a JavaScript snippet.
JavaScriptSelectionListBuilder Builds a selection list that will take its values from a JavaScript snippet.
JavaSelectionListBuilder Builds SelectionLists from a JavaSelectionList class
StaticSelectionList An implementation of a SelectionList.

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